Branding a new business is undoubtedly tricky, but outsourcing Tasks on the AnyTask™ Platform means you're free to focus on aspects of your business that you do best.

The AnyTask™ Platform already has thousands of members shrinking their to-do lists. And it's easy to do! 

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Logo Design

AnyTask Logo

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AnyTask Logo

Hire a freelancer to design your new logo from just $1.

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The idea was simple...

How could the AnyTask™ Platform be used effectively to kickstart a business?

Follow our journey to see how we managed to get everything made, from a fresh new logo and branded social media creative, to business cards and even a new website to really showcase that new business.

Logo design is a hugely important aspect of your business. Your logo has got to be attention grabbing and it's got to make a strong first impression. After all, it's the identity of your brand, right?

The very talented designers on the AnyTask™ Platform can be briefed to effectively create you a logo that's sure to stand out from the crowd.

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How we branded a hair salon business using
the AnyTask™ Platform.

Your presence on social media is often the first thing someone sees when they come across your business. Your headers need to reflect your brand personality, what your business does and what you're all about. 

Get professional social media headers designed on the AnyTask™ Platform like these suave creations here. Who knew hairdressing could look so luxe?!

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Hire a freelancer to design your new social media header
from just $1.

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Hire a freelancer to design your new branded social media post creatives
from just $1.

Time is often the biggest boundary preventing us from getting started, but all of the things you see on this page took around a day to be delivered - that's great! In truth, this landing page took longer to create than gathering the assets needed to start a new business using the AnyTask™ Platform. So, let's make it happen on AnyTask.

Social Media
Header Design

Branded Social Media
Post Design

The next logical step after you've branded up your social media pages are the social media posts themselves. Creating consistent, regular social posts can be a tiring and daunting task, so why not get them made in bulk on and schedule them to be posted to your accounts? 

Just send a brief of what you're after to the Seller, along with your brand guidelines, and sit back, relax and watch your ideas come to life. 

Business Card Design

You might think that there's no need for business cards in the age of the internet, but you'd be wrong. Business cards are still one of the best ways of building relationships and opening communications with potential new clients, and 57% of businesses agree. 

Make sure your brand new business card design is eye-catching and has all the information on it that a potential new customer will need.

Website Design

If there is one thing that is definitely a daunting task when creating your own business, it's got to be designing and launching your website. Luckily for you, there are plenty of skilled freelancers on the AnyTask™ Platform that are ready and waiting to work with you to create your dream site. 

You can take this one step further by hiring a freelancer to help with your SEO (search engine optimisation). It's no use having a beautiful website but having no way of making sure people see it!

T-Shirt Uniform Design

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!

You've got your logo, branding and your website - now for branded t-shirts. Nothing says professional like modern, well-designed t-shirts, or even merchandise. The reason for this is two-fold. Branded t-shirts act as another awareness piece for your brand, mini adverts, if you will. Secondly, branded t-shirts specifically made for your staff members bring the whole thing together and make for a cohesive, stylish finish. 

Have you got a new business idea but don't know how to bring it to life? Make it happen on AnyTask.

Hire a freelancer to design your new business card from just $1.

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Get Started

Hire a freelancer to design your new business website
from just $1.

Hire a freelancer to design your new t-shirt or business uniforms
from just $1.

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