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Animated NFT of Electroman surrounded by blue lightning.
Animated NFT of the Chainlord with an orange background.
Animated NFT of the Taskmaster with flickering logos in the background and foreground.
Animated NFT of the Lawman stood outside a court building in the rain.

Introducing the ETN-Network Heroes Collection.

NFTs have taken the world by storm, and rightly so. But how, we hear you ask, do I get involved in this exciting new phenomena? To help answer that question, we’ve created the AnyTask™ Heroes NFT collection to showcase just how easy it is to create and launch your very own NFT collections. Need help with your project? We’ve got you covered. 

From creating the digital artwork right through to minting, social media marketing, Discord management, web development and all those added extras you can leverage to really show off your unique collections. can help bring your NFT collections to life.

Time to create your NFT design!

First, you're going to need a killer idea, something that's going to take the NFT space by storm. As with any product, you’re going to need to be creative and find your niche, so the more unique and original you can be, the better. 

Once you're ready with your fresh idea, head to the AnyTask™ Platform and find an NFT artist who can bring your custom NFT design to life! The artists will have their own niches and styles, so be sure to take a look at their previous work and consider reaching out to a few of them before making a decision. 

Bring your NFT collection to life on the AnyTask™ Platform

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The AnyTask™ Platform has everything you need to realise your NFT visions. You’ll have everything at your fingertips from digital artists, bloggers, writers, social media content creators, Discord and website creators, community managers and more. 

Communication is key.

It's important for any NFT project to keep in touch with their userbase, and something like Discord is able to aid in that effort.

Freelancers on the AnyTask™ Platform can help with the creation of your Discord server, and there are even community managers that you can hire to help you. With great communication comes community, and that’s exactly what you should aim for when launching and building interest in your NFT projects.

Social media is a must.

Social media is a great tool to showcase your collection and to offer updates about your NFT projects. It also gives users a chance to engage directly with your brand.

The freelancers on can help get these profiles set up for you. If you need a Facebook business page, an Instagram account or a YouTube channel, head over to 

Did you know there are loads of NFTs made every day? For this reason alone, it’s mega important to make sure your project stands out from the crowd. Think about how you could add value to your project.

This could be as simple as selling animated rare versions of your NFTs or turning your NFT into a trading card game.

Another idea could be to create a story around your NFTs, such as a unique comic book strip bringing your designs to life in their very own universe. 

Be creative and think big! 

Make your NFT project stand out.


While having social media and a Discord channel is beneficial to keep your community up to date, it's also important to have a website dedicated to your project.

Here, you'll be able to showcase your collection and display all the information for your project's roadmap. You could even include your social links, so people can find you more easily, or video content to really bring your ideas to life. 

Need help building a website? Don’t forget, the freelancers on the AnyTask™ Platform are ready and waiting to help. 

Design a website
to showcase your collection.

Connecting your NFT project to a blog is a great way to reach new users, especially from an SEO standpoint. Blog posts can be filled with trending keywords to ensure your articles strike on Google's search rankings. 
A blog is also a great way to give your followers an insight into your project, behind the scenes content and even plans for the future.

ETN-Network heroes animated trading cards.
Reverse of NFT trading card gives information about the characters.
Reverse of NFT trading card gives information about the characters.
ETN-Network heroes animated trading cards.

The AnyTask™ Platform is a freelancing platform that offers low-cost professional digital services. It is unique as it is one of the first freelancing platforms that offers financial inclusion by allowing Sellers to earn ETN and transact without the need for a bank account. This is empowering freelancers worldwide, allowing them the freedom to work when and where they want to, by doing what they love. The AnyTask™ Platform is unlike other freelance platforms as it puts the Seller first, charging zero Seller fees, and Buyers benefit from a high standard of work that is done by skilled, professional freelancers at a fraction of the cost.

About the AnyTask™ Platform.

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ETN-Network Heroes trading card examples.
ETN-Network Heroes trading card examples.
ETN-Network Heroes comic strip.
ETN-Network Heroes comic strip.
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Turn them into a trading
card game.

Maybe a cartoon strip.

More info on your characters on the back of the cards.

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Social media mock-up showing ETN-Network Heroes.
Reverse of NFT trading card gives information about the characters.
Animated NFT of Electroman surrounded by blue lightning.

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